Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucifer's Odyssey Updates (Chapter 1 also revised)

The second major revision of Lucifer's Odyssey is complete. Though I feel pretty good about the overall story, several of you have expressed concerns about Sariel's biblical changes in Chapter 1. Before I send this off to an editor, I'll definitely do another pass and see how I feel about.

Additionally, Chapter 1 has been updated after I realized that I didn't actually finish Chapter 1's revision during the last round. The pdf has been reuploaded, and you can read the latest changes by clicking the Novels link above, or by clicking the following:

Lucifer's Odyssey - Chapter 1

I'll start from Chapter 1 and read the entire thing through before sending it off to an editor. Let me know if any of you guys feel there are flow problems in any of the three sample chapters. Thanks!


  1. Had a quick read of the first half of the chapter. Reads very well. Heaps of background but it feels natural. I'll have a proper read tomorrow of all three chapters (ahh my lunch break, how I love thee!).

  2. Thanks, man! Honest feedback is especially welcome. Don't feel that you need to sugar coat it. I can take it!