Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy day

I revised Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 again today, and I think they are flowing a lot better now. Still curious about how other people are feeling about Chapter 1 and 2. Talking with others, it seems like it's really easy to get lost in this new world... or multiverse, I guess I should say. I have also fixed a few typos in Chapter 1 while I was writing this post, so if you noticed something completely odd, try downloading the latest version. Hopefully, it's better now ;).

If you have read Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 and would like to give some honest feedback, feel free to comment on the thread. I'm actually very humble about my writing. I know I need a lot of work, so don't be shy. I appreciate constructive criticism, but saying "Oh baby bearded Jesus, that is just awful right now. You need more revisions." is just as acceptable and welcome at this point! :D

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