Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucifer's Odyssey: Author Apology/Notes

I posted a similar question to the Writer's cafe which can be found here, but since some of the readers that come to my blog are in no way associated with the Kindleboards, I felt I should post the topic to my blog as well.

After some comments from readers of Chapter 1 concerning conflicts between Lucifer's Odyssey and the biblical canon, I have done some introspection and am looking into composing an Author's Apology or Author's Notes section that explains to the reader where the story is coming from and why aspects of the canon were changed.

You can find the draft of this note here:
Author's Note - currently located before Chapter 1.

Do you think it is a good idea to include such a note at the front the book? Do you feel that such an apology is unnecessary?


  1. I think it's unnecessary. Your blurb should give an accurate view of what the book's about. I don't think people will expect it to adhere to canon since it's a novel.

  2. I'm leaning more to removing it as well. I really do think the blurb handles this already. The beta readers who have been checking out the first three chapters might not have read the blurb maybe?

    Thanks for the feedback, regardless. I've reserved Derek Prior for doing a full literary edit starting on April 10th, and I'm sure we'll go back and forth a bit on this particular issue.