Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucifer's Odyssey Chapter 3

I've gotten some great feedback from Galena, Ketzl, and Suva! I'll definitely want to look into the bar scene in Chapter 1 and try to flesh that scene out a bit more. Thanks alot! You are all awesome! Feel free to leave comments on this thread so you don't feel so alone in critiquing the chapter. Believe me, the harsher you are on me, the better it is in the long run. Or... maybe I'm just a masochist. Anyway, Chapter 3!

Chapter 3

Lucifer and Sariel sit in a time-dilated pocket vortex, trying to figure out their next moves. Going back to Chaos would be a death wish but returning to Earth doesn't sit well with Lucifer either, and not just because the person trying to destroy his home universe has a power base there. Lucifer and Sariel's brother Michael mentioned an old conflict - one that Lucifer and Sariel have always regretted. After a year of discussion, the brothers decide to visit an old friend.

Chapter 3 - The Goblin Realm

Happy reading! And if it's not happy reading, be sure to let me know that it needs work. The more information you can give me about what let you down, the better chances I have of making it right!

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