Monday, August 11, 2014

That feeling when the words just flow... Awesome!

So, I sat down tonight after work and typed so furiously and consistently that within a few hours, I had written over five thousand words! And in what I can only hope is a reasonably good addition to a story, no less! What an amazing feeling!

It's one of those scenes in the Winter Phenomenon that I had been pondering on for a week or two, just waiting for the right time and feeling, and it kind of just happened--despite the lure of Netflix and HBO and whatever else usually grabs hold of me when I need a break from coding and bug fixing. Unfortunately, this week is going to be exceptionally busy. I have to prepare presentations for tomorrow for a big meeting, another coding session with students the next day, and a completely different coding session on a different open source project the day after that. The whole week is shot, and I'll probably have to do another weekend of work to hit another 50-70 hour week of coding/presentation/meeting/calling marathon.

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance and a mood to write more about Alex and Suzanne and her scheming father, but I hope it's soon! Here's to hoping other writers out there found the time, energy and mood to do something similar this weekend. Writing binges are the best :D!

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