Thursday, November 17, 2011

10th Amazon Review for Lucifer's Odyssey

Lucifer's OdysseyToday, I received my 10th Amazon review for Lucifer's Odyssey, and amazingly enough it was five stars. For those authors out there who are curious how I did it, I've got an easy answer for you: LibraryThing giveaways.

My sales have been low, but my downloads have actually been decently high for a first-time author with no fanbase. To date, LibraryThing readers have downloaded 157 out of the ~190 books that I offered in giveaways in September and October. This comes out to about 82% claim, and of that, there have been:

10 Amazon reviews (4.50 avg)
10 Smashwords reviews (4.20 avg)
05 Barnes and Noble reviews (4.80 avg)
14 LibraryThing reviews (3.73 avg)
07 GoodReads reviews (4.44 avg)

All of that within two months of the first giveaway, and all of my reviews have come from giveaways so far. So why be happy about it?

Because those are readers, most of which are looking forward to the sequel that comes out in February. And having interested readers is a great thing. Also, those reviews, barring something catastrophic, are permanent and signal other readers about the quality of the storytelling and premise.

If you missed these giveaways, don't worry. I'm giving away 50 copies on Goodreads during the Winter Holiday book extravaganza. Feel free to talk to Scott or post in the thread to learn details of the giveaway.