Monday, June 13, 2011

Progress Updates

We're wrapping up the 12th chapter soon for Lucifer's Odyssey in the redraft, and the story is looking great. I have put the first three chapters up on the Novels page, so if you are wanting a sneak peak at what is in store, feel free to check it out. We're thinking this first book will be out by September, now, instead of my initial projected dates. Sorry for the delay.

I did a collaboration on a flash fiction with Jeanne Miller for a second entry into the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash Fiction anthology. We'll see if either of my two submissions make it into the collection. If not, I'll be sure to link them on the blog so others can read them.

No changes have been made to Dead Winter, and that one will need redrafting as well. Depending on reader wishes, I may push that one back quite a bit and focus on a 2nd Primal Patterns book instead.