Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updates on the Winter Phenomenon

I'm still here, folks! I'm back to writing, as I get time, and my current focus is on Cold Winter, the first book of The Winter Phenomenon. I added another 4k+ words this weekend, revised some of the earlier chapters, and also drafted a new book blurb for the book and series. What do you think?

Cold Winter (The Winter Phenomenon, Book 1)

A biological apocalypse has gripped the Earth, and mankind hangs on by a thread in the last human bastion of Safe Haven. The Earth is covered with plagued, mindless remnants of men called walkers, who are only kept in check by the extraordinary powers of the Winters, a family of mutants who harness energy sources around them to devastating effect. But the Winters are not heroes; they are monsters with a track record of megalomania, mass murder, and the destruction of cities. And the remnants of the human race have neither forgotten nor forgiven the Winter descendants.

Into this world, Alex Winter is born. Orphaned by a fearful mob and empowered by energy he consumes from living things around him, he has all the terrible potential of his most powerful forefathers. As he fights his own demons, Suzanne Durden, his only friend and daughter of the powerful and manipulative mayor of Safe Haven, fights to keep him alive and strong enough to save the very people that hunt him.

Monday, August 11, 2014

That feeling when the words just flow... Awesome!

So, I sat down tonight after work and typed so furiously and consistently that within a few hours, I had written over five thousand words! And in what I can only hope is a reasonably good addition to a story, no less! What an amazing feeling!

It's one of those scenes in the Winter Phenomenon that I had been pondering on for a week or two, just waiting for the right time and feeling, and it kind of just happened--despite the lure of Netflix and HBO and whatever else usually grabs hold of me when I need a break from coding and bug fixing. Unfortunately, this week is going to be exceptionally busy. I have to prepare presentations for tomorrow for a big meeting, another coding session with students the next day, and a completely different coding session on a different open source project the day after that. The whole week is shot, and I'll probably have to do another weekend of work to hit another 50-70 hour week of coding/presentation/meeting/calling marathon.

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance and a mood to write more about Alex and Suzanne and her scheming father, but I hope it's soon! Here's to hoping other writers out there found the time, energy and mood to do something similar this weekend. Writing binges are the best :D!