Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angels vs Demons (new Novellette)

I've added information on a new novellette (10,000 words) called "Angels vs Demons: Perspectives of a Violent Afterlife" to the site. I expect the novellette to launch on Kindle and Nook on October 1. The information for the novellette is included below:

Title: "Angels and Demons: Perspectives of a Violent Afterlife"


Heaven and hell are vying for human souls in vortices between humanity and the afterlife. When Lucifer and his demons overwhelm Archangel Michael and Gabriel, heaven is faced with the possibility of losing all souls on the planet.

Reincarnated in heaven, Michael must fight his way back to Earth to stop more demons from swarming the planet and help his brother Gabriel track down the devil before he tricks humanity into harvesting billions of souls into his fiery kingdom.

Lucifer's Odyssey is still looking good for an eBook launch for September 1. Beta readers are currently pouring over the edited version and giving feedback. I will try to have the paperback version up via Lightning Source to all major outlets by September 15th at the latest.

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