Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peak at the Primal Patterns Series

Lucifer's OdysseyLucifer's Odyssey

The release of the first novel of the Primal Patterns series is coming up on September 1st, and reviewers are already taking a look at the advanced review copies and posting sneak peaks. For readers curious about the setting of this series, check out the breakdown at my Reader Blog.

As a result of the review on, I plan on adding the following Author's Note to the book to prepare the reader for the first book. What are your thoughts? Will this help shape reader expectations better?

Author’s Note
This book is about a war between angels and demons but with a different premise and origin story. Angels were once demons, and Jehovah has created a truly unique universe for humanity and his other creations to thrive in and ultimately be reborn into, instead of being placed permanently into heaven- or hell-based eternities. As a reflection of some of our current Earthly religions, this god prefers his creations to those in the rest of the multiverse. And so the saga begins …

Lucifer's OdysseyIntroducing The Goblin Rebellion

The follow up to Lucifer's Odyssey should be released in February of 2012. I've commissioned Christopher Steininger for the cover art, and he has delivered once again! Then again, I may be a tad biased here. What are your thoughts?

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