Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Release Date Set

My editor and I are in the final stages of our substantive edit, and we've managed to set a date for the release of my debut novel Lucifer's Odyssey on September 1, 2011. We hope to have advanced copies sent to book reviewers on August 14th at the latest. If you are a book reviewer for speculative fiction or independent authors, please send me an email at, and we will add you to the reviewer list for the early copies.

Title: Lucifer's Odyssey
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Series: Primal Patterns
Release: 09/01/2011
Word count: 84,000


Lucifer languishes in an earthly prison, awaiting the apocalypse that will finally free him after 200,000 years. Before breaking loose, he discovers that the armageddom he set in motion will destroy the capital of Chaos, his home universe.

He travels back to Chaos and stumbles upon a bloody civil war devastating his homeland. The realm’s magic wielders are firmly under the control of a rival clan, and without their protection, Lucifer's family is in mortal peril. As old demon clan rivalries blossom and a new hostile universe expands across the known multiverse, Lucifer is faced with not only protecting Chaos from annihilation but also saving his rightful place on the throne.

Chapters (1-3): MOBI | EPUB | PDF

This is an extremely exciting time, and I couldn't have gotten here without the support of so many great friends, family, and the great folks at the Kindleboards. Be sure to check back here every week or so, as I plan on having contests for autographed paperbacks. Also, be sure to check out the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell anthology, which should be coming out August 15, 2011, and features one of my flash fictions Don't Mess with the Meadow.


  1. You know I'm up for reviewing this. September, exciting!

  2. Thanks, man! How's your thriller coming along?

  3. I've been a bit lazy on my thriller. 300-500 words every couple of days. Spent a bit of time researching and getting the plotline cemented in my mind. I have also been distracted by other stories I have on the brain. NaNoWriMo is going to be a bitch at this rate. Lol.

  4. I've never participated in NaNoWriMo. With my time commitments, I didn't think I would be able to hit the goals consistently. Sorry to hear the pace has slowed on the thriller. You've been hitting a pretty high word count on your blogging though! :D