Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dead Winter

Unfortunately, my dissertation work has impeded me from focusing completely on The Winter Phenomenon, but I am still writing, and the novel is now up to 46,000 words. From the direction that the text has taken, I have come to feel that future books are inevitable on this particular setting, and it will definitely be a series.

However, in that case, "The Winter Phenomenon" appears to be a more fitting series descriptor. The novel title has been subsequently changed to "Dead Winter", and the second in the series is likely to be "Cold Winter" which will detail Travis Winter's story. "Warm Winter" is either going to be Ursula or her son.

In other novel news, I haven't heard back from Christopher about the Lucifer's Odyssey banner ads, but I'm not worried. Everything should be set for its release in July. As for "Cold Winter", that could launch as early as October to catch the Halloween and Christmas holidays!

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